Chapter 12: Music is the medicine for my soul.

Music saved my life, yes! Music was the only thing I had at some point. There were dark days, when I couldn’t understand myself. There were days were I didn’t […]


Coming down from cloud 9 after meeting kelly clarkson

I met her a week ago and im finally processing it and wanted to say a few things. Although i was upset at first when they said no pictures, since […]


Twenty One Pilots

Some people have asked why I like Twenty One Pilots. “Their music is just pent up angst and it’s annoying.” Sorry to say, but it’s really not. Their music saves […]


Little words

I know Rammstein already 8 years. I wasn’t allowed to listen to them for 3 years, but I still did sometimes (Good thing about having older brothers who are also […]


T/W (depression)

Okay, I’m gonna tell you kids something I’ve never told anyone before, mainly because I suddenly remembered yesterday. When I first started listening to The Vaccines (later half of 2012) […]


My Music

Music is my happy place, my sanctuary, my escape, my fun. With music I sing, my feet can’t help but move to the beat, the sounds of everything around me, […]


July 5th, 2016.

Two years ago, on October 16th, 2014, I went to my very first concert ever. I was 13, hyped up on coffee and adrenaline, and high on anticipation. It was […]


Take Me To Church

I started spontaneously sobbing today. Fair, I’m not feeling very good. And yes, I’m mentally and physically exhausted from midterms. But it’s more than that. Way more. You may or […]


How Bands Saved My Life

Hi everyone. My name is Nicole. I’m a 19 year old girl who had Aspergers, MDD, ADHD, and OCD. At one point in my life, I hated who I was, […]


day after(math)

I come to the same conclusion every couple of crises – music saves my life. Music allows me to feel disbanded from my misery, to alleviate the tragedy the woman […]


Music is saving my life

I’ve been dealing with some shit. Music is helping me get through these times. Being able to hear what these artists were saying and find ways to relate. For example […]


Music saved my life

“Music saved my life,” is a phrase you hear so often that it’s kind of lost its meaning, but truely, I believe that everyone finds happiness in music, and it […]


This song saved my life

Music represents so many things to so many people but to me, it holds my life together. Without music, my life would mean nothing to me at all. It makes […]


Most creative people

Alright, so, twenty one pilots. Let’s talk about them for a moment. These guys are the most creative people I’ve ever gotten the chance to stumble across. These guys are […]


Music Box

There are times in my life when I hit a brick wall or get caught in a crossfire (of words), and my escapism takes hold. But my escapism comes in […]



Definition: “Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” Story Time: I grew up listening to music it […]


Music can change you

Music is the most amazing thing. Music can make you laugh, cry, remember some moments of life, create new memories and even save you. I used to laugh at those […]


Can You Feel My Heart

Music has helped through the up and downs of life. Struggling with depression since I was 13, I had a tough time entering high school. Im now currently 17 years […]



I needed inspiration. I needed something to grab me and make me push to improve in both life and love. I’ve found it. Music. I have always kind of said ‘music […]


Thank you for the music

I honestly would have attempted to kill myself a lot more times than I have if it wasn’t for music. I can’t exactly say it’s saved my life but it […]


Magic power

I would give up the vice of Alcohol. I would give up Chocolate. I would give up red meat, cheese and bacon. I would give up the blue sky, moon […]


Music Helps Me Escape From Reality I Live In

It has kept me going even when I wanted to quit. I started a new school last year and that was really hard to me. This school that I’m going […]



There are songs that have completely saved my life, songs that make my heart break and songs that send rushes of euphoria through my body. there are artists that have […]


music, saved my life

if you’d ask me what the most wonderful thing in the world is I’d say, with no doubt, music. because music is exactly what you want it to be. music […]


My Chemical Romance.

A friend asked me whose concert I would go to. And instantly, I thought of My Chemical Romance immediately. They are still my favourite band till this day. Because I […]


Music and Depression

This story is written by Cassie B. Please go and check her amazing tumblr as well! A short time ago, I had bad depression. I was constantly beating myself up […]


Music; The concept of ‘Blurryface’

I’m one of those nerds everyone makes fun of when they say “music saved my life.” Because it did. Can we not make fun of those people anymore? Cuz those people […]


Music is amazing

Music is amazing Music allows us to put our emotions into words when we can’t find the words to express how we feel Whether it be a happy song or […]


Day 22 – March 27, 2016 – FOB

Fall Out Boy will always be my all-time favorite band. They saved my life. Their music was an escape for me just like making music and performing for millions of […]


Live to be the best you..

I can hardly understand why life puts us through test after test but I know that it is all leading somewhere. It is all part of a plan that is […]


Fall Out Boy

I know everyone is talking about Jesus today and I hope you’re all having a great Easter but I just need to talk about the dudes who saved me for […]


omfg another rant

long story short: music literally saved me. it’s such a cliche type way of putting it and millions of other people say it but you don’t understand why they say […]


Twenty One Pilots

When asked why I love twenty one pilots so much, I have to say is because they inspire my will to keep living. Then some will say music doesn’t save […]


Music Saves

Even if I have nothing else in life, music has saved my soul. I know I have a heart because I felt it almost burst out of my chest when […]


There’s a song for that

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years you have probably heard the phrase “there’s an app for that” at least a hundred times lol . […]


Music Saves

The above title is so cliche I know. I also  know that as cliche as it is, there has never been a truer statement. It has saved me. I have […]


I’ve been on a journey

I have found my way to god a few years ago. But my journey with him has not been perfect. I often forget that I must ask for him to […]



Someone who listens to music with me for the whole day or night with minimal words and can be comfortable with it will forever stay my friend on some scale. […]


My (short) Story.

I am 20 years old, I served in the army for about 10 months before receiving a knee injuring that got me booted, or maybe I just wasn’t good enough. […]


A Friend

i started listening to bands like mcr, p!atd, fob, sws, bmth (ect.) about three years ago and the reason i started listening was just because i liked listening to music […]


Music Saved My Life

People don’t get it when I say that music saved my life. It literally did. I started listening to this band called My Chemical Romance at a really low point […]



Everyday I sit behind a useless screen and everyday I become inspired by someone new, whether it’s through their music, advice, pictures, video or personal story. The people I have […]



Music is such a powerful thing. I don’t mean music like what’s on the radio or what you listen to on a CD on the way to a singer’s/band’s concert. […]


These musicians have saved my life.

If you’re like me, you have depended on music for spiritual nourishment and inspiration in the bleakest of times. I need you to hear a few of the artists who […]


Simple Plan

Yesterday was one of the best nights of my entire life. I’ve been waiting for so many years and finally the night came. Yesterday I saw my favorite band in […]


Pat the Bunny

I haven’t been all that interested in the anarchopunk/folk punk scene (despite being in a somewhat punky folk band myself) for a while now, and I haven’t sat down to […]


A Letter To Brendon

Brendon Boyd Urie, I don’t know how this will turn out, but I just needed to tell you how important you are to me. I’ve been listening to your music […]


Music saved my life

Too many people think that when someone says that “music saved my life”, that it’s over exaggerating. I think that thinking it’s over exaggerating is a ridiculous statement in itself. […]


The Honest Truth

I feel like this needs to be said. I just need to get it off my chest and put it out for anyone to see. If it wasn’t for my […]


My thoughts on music

Last weekend I played with a high school honors symphony orchestra I auditioned for and one of the pieces we were doing was the finale from Shostakovich 5th symphony. Anyway, […]


Music Saved Me

Well hello, everybody! Chris here and I am addicted to music. Well, addicted is not the right word to describe it. I actually think music saved me, especially Lady Gaga […]



I’ve always been drawn to music. My mother used to be a really good singer back in the day, in the late 80’s she was actually lead singer for a […]



For the past few years, I’ve been feeling kinda depressed – not to say suicidal. Every time I keep going and I fight through, I tell myself that something will […]


How music is helping my grandmother in the treatment of cancer

Today is the six month since my grandmother’s stomach surgery because cancer and it’s been a long battle but it seems like finally everything it’s getting better for her. The […]


Music Is A Life Saver

Music is really a blessing in disguise, it helps when u cant get words out like u really want to describe a feelings or thoughts on paper. It helps when […]


Rant #1289

Music is so special and important. Really though, have you ever thought about what this world would be like without music? Not everyone snowboards, not everyone is in theater, not […]


Music is a beautiful thing.

When people asked me what kind of music I listen to, I don’t really know what to answers. I could say I listen to all kinds but that’s not true. […]


Concerts… Wow.

Even though I go to Breaking Benjamin concerts where your ears get blown out, it’s always relaxing. Knowing all the words to every song and having such a sentimental attachment […]


Where would I be without music?

I asked myself this question a lot and I’ve had many sleepless nights from thinking about it. I learned right from wrong because of the music I listen to. I […]


Please Read

“Cry myself to sleep at night, swear I been to hell and back Loaded up that gun I bought, withdrew everything I had Put it all in envelopes, had it […]


Remember That Time…

You listened to Wonderwall by Oasis on repeat because you just couldn’t go to your “Sad Song” playlist because you knew you’d cry. This bad day will pass and all […]


Why I Love Music

I honestly can’t remember when I became so obsessed with music, but I think it was around grade 7-8. Music is just so influential, and it’s always there for you. […]


Maybe music saved my life

When things just don’t quite add up And you lay in bed awake at night Contemplating why you’re here As if there’s any point to life. Thoughts go racking through […]


Music saves

Look, it sounds cliched but there has been music in my life that has saved me from some of my darkest times. I dont talk about it too much but […]


Turn Up The Volume

The bass drops as I drown. The good kind Where I breathe in deep Breaths, my heart beating to A rhythm that doctors would Confuse for palpitations. My heart beats […]


Music did actually save my life…

So… Whenever I tell someone that music saved my life they always say that music can’t save lives, but let me tell you real quick why it did. When I […]


Let’s sing

This girl, when she sang,she could make all the pain go away She would give you chills. She was empty inside. She had passion in her eyes. She looked so […]


I get it now.

Okay, this is a confession. As early as last year, I always made fun of people who would say “Music saved my life.” I scoffed at these people. “How can […]


What Does Music Mean To You?

Music to me means being able to listen to it and relate to the lyrics or getting up and dancing with your friends and just enjoying yourself. Music has power […]


Music saved my life

Music is awesome. People say it changes lives. But it doesn’t. Music shows someone that it’s possible to change. Music gives people the power to save their own lives. And […]


Music saved me. Music saved my life.

“Music saved me. Music saved my life.” I live in a neighbourhood where gangs are prominent and drugs are everywhere, people are always out and getting hurt. I live in […]


Music Saves Lives

Music. It is controversial, eternal, and universal. It spreads love, inspires ideas and expresses emotions that people simply cannot put into words. As it stands, I believe… No, I know, […]


White recluse

Can’t sleep ….the wind is howling….how much water have I drank tonight. A week has passed in my old room, I’ve missed this place, I was so productive here looking […]


Not all heroes wear capes…<3

Many people – seriously a LOT of people – kind of, if you will, make fun of me for my obsession with all these bands.  Okay, I understand, it is a […]


I love music.

I cannot stress enough how much I love music.


They say that there always be that band that comes along with you. Maybe you won’t be fangilring when you saw them or listen their song but you will always […]


Importance of Music (to me)

I’ve been asked why I listen to music so often; I’ve been asked why I never share my music; I’ve been told that it wouldn’t hurt to take my earbuds […]


Music Saved My Life.

So… This is an extremely personal post. I’m going to talk about how music helped me get through some of the worst times of my life, and I’ve never openly talked about […]



So I was having a super deep conversation with my little sister last night, and she was talking about how much she loved this certain singer and how their music […]


I’m trying

I’m trying… I’m struggling so hard but I’m trying.. This feeling that gnaws at me chest, the nasty thoughts in my head that everyone is against me and no one […]


Anything But Ordinary

“Sk8er Boy” taught me that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. “Anything But Ordinary” made me realize that I didn’t want to be what everyone else was, and […]


Music Saves Lives.

I’m a writer. I always have been, and I always will be. I love movies and art and entertainment, but above all of that, I love music. I live for […]


I don’t need a God

So many people seem to need some sort of God or religion to find a reason. A reason to live, a reason to do the right thing and to be […]


Real Music Saves Lives

My Chemical Romance inspired me to save my own life. Fall Out Boy made me want to live. Panic At The Disco helped me see the good in things. Paramore […]


Music saved my life

I was in the car yesterday with my 46 year old father and sat there as he poured his heart out about how he is so helplessly in love with […]


You Found Me

I have always loved music. It started out with exclusively country, then broadened out to songs I knew at least the chorus to and then from there it just kinda […]


Walking In The Wind

On November 1, 2015 I lost someone incredibly important to me. My cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident and I was devastated. Twelve days later on November 13th, One […]



My story with music started when I was so little that I just can remember some flashes of it. Even English not being my first language, I remember I was […]



1993 – I was fifteen, struggling through my teenage years and the nightmare of being forced to go to highshool, fighting against anorexia after a rape attempt, note sure if […]


The Only Exception

The melody drummed in my ears and echoed through my veins. I shut my eyes and breathed for a moment, “I miss you”, I muttered to myself. And I’ve always lived […]


The power of music.

Some people just don’t understand the power of music. Some people laugh when they hear that music saved someone’s laugh. Some people say that music is just people saying words to […]


Be Concerned

I have had a past with suicide attempts, this overwhelming feeling of just wanting to die, I am so cruel to myself, being disgusted with self from embarrassment when I […]


The Story of Jobim Novak

Hi, my name is Jobim Novak but I go by Jo. I was born in Guatemala to a poor mother who wanted a better life for me. She put me […]



I recently discovered that I wasn’t as strong and bold as I thought I was. I recently discovered that after every high, no matter how long that lasts, the low […]


Beauty of Tension

I’ve struggled with depression from as far back as I can remember. It had a strong hold on my life for a long time but I can now say that […]


Music Lights Up The Dark

As you may or may not know, for me music is a huge part of my life, and largely affects my emotional wellbeing. This past week I’ve definitely had a few songs […]


The story of Bailey Dunbar

My name is Bailey Dunbar, I am 14 years old and I am a twinless twin. June 27 2014 change my life and world forever. This is the day my […]

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So perfect

The first time I heard about “Hope Through Music” was on my way to the Christopher Street Day in Hamburg. I like the idea of this website and would like […]

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New York City Dreams

Just days after walking the Camino de Santiago, I was about to repack my suitcase for my next adventure. Six weeks in one of the best cities this world has […]

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Concept Album – Writing Piece from Ian

The Concept Album It is an understatement to deny the thought of not existing has occasionally crossed my mind. Even if people are hesitant to admit it, getting hurt and […]

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Chemical Insomnia

Everlasting nights leave all views behind Limits will become less clear and A misty memory played out in a dream This endeavor is causing fear I’ve been asked to write […]

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A shadow tilts its head at me Spirits in the dark are waiting I won’t let them win, go quietly I won’t let them win, go quietly Have you ever […]

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My inner conversation

I hate to see my heart break. We all hate to get hurt or disappointed. We lose our faith in people and the good for a while. It’s nearly impossible […]

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Message In a Bottle

hi my names cj the day before last i met an extravert who hapilly stopped as i was waiting for my ride to work. he says you ok n i […]

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If you want to sing out, sing out

We all have these rituals we do every now and then. Mine is to throw everything away I haven’t even touched throughout the year, except music, books and movies. While […]

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I could tell thousands of different stories to thousand of different songs. It’s hard to choose one, because nearly every song I know is linked to a certain memory, but […]

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No One Is Here to Sleep

I spent the last few nights always the same way. 1) Get into the car. 2) Turn the music as loud as possible. 3) Stop thinking. 4) Drive as fast […]

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Bad Kid

I know that someone already posted a Lady Gaga song, but I hope it doesn’t bother anyone. All of you might know the black sheep of your family who doesn’t […]

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Gymnopédie No. 1

I grew up listening to classical music. I think it’s the most honest music of all times, just pure emotions. The instrument and the human become one person and create […]

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Same Love

I don’t know how I should survive this life by living a lie everyday. I am gay and can’t tell my family. I was raised catholic and we’re living catholic. […]

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You + Me

A few days a go, I ended my friendship with my best friend. After four years of talking permanently with each other and spending every free second together, I wasn’t […]

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Writing My Future

If I had the possibility to talk to the person I was ten years ago I would only have one thing to say: Stop thinking I’m writing the future, I’m […]

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I was an addict. I am an addict. I will always be an addict. I got used to be an addict, because it made me feel relief. Relief that I […]

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I Am My Hair.

Whenever I’m dressed cool my parents put up a fight And if I’m hot shot, mom will cut my hair at night And in the morning I’m short of my […]

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How to Save a Life

I work as an EMT in Germany. I am doing this for al least 3 years now and I couldn’t imagine a better job than that. But there was one […]

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Growing Up Sucks.

Growing up sucks. Growing up in a small town sucks even more. Growing up in a small town as a girl can be the worst. Someday I will walk away […]

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One Foot In Front Of The Other

When I look back, I’m wondering how I survived 23 years of living. After a really nightmarish childhood and adolescence, I began to realize, that it’s not natural being alive […]

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and we want to take a few minutes to slow down and break the silence. Tower Bridge Is closing And all of Bermondsey Is […]

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Changing perspective

So this is it. This is my life. Something between happy and sad, alive and dead, awake and sleeping. We wake up every morning to the same routine starting to get […]

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I Had A Dream

There is this process we all go trough in our lives. We get born with this indescribable shine in our eyes and this natural and real smile. We haven’t felt […]

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The People behind Hope Through Music: Flo

Hope Through Music is all about people, their stories and music that helped them through difficult situations in their lifes. It’s an important thing: these stories need to be told and […]


The people behind Hope Through Music: AK

My story began when I was only four years old, because sometimes things are done to kids which shouldn’t. It didn’t get better when I started going to school. In […]