Someone who listens to music with me for the whole day or night with minimal words and can be comfortable with it will forever stay my friend on some scale. Nothing makes me happier than to see in someones eyes that they enjoy this process as much as i do. Instant connection with that person. Quite often better and more meaningful conversation than the one with too many words. When i say music saved my life i mean it. I often feel disconnected with this world and it helps me to reconnect as it does with other worlds as well. The time when i felt the most alive was in a forest, by the lake, with music playing 24/7 with sunshine and minimal talking. I love words and talking, but this, this was all i truly need to survive. Music, sun, water, trees. That’s it. It creates the purest feeling of love. The kinda love that has no room for any negative energy, the kinda love that inspires you and introduces you to the inner goddess/god that you truly are. Since i was little I always waited for the time when i will be alone at home and can listen to my dads CDs  blasting TLC and nirvana, even just for 15 minutes while my mom was in the shop. It didn’t matter, i would even use 5 minutes to listen to one song. At the time we had no CD players, and obviously no smart phones. Actually when i look back at that it created some sort of game and a lot of excitement. When i got my first CD player, that was a game changer, and life itself. Knowing zero English i would listen to Fugees- score album and write down the lyrics, well not really, just what i thought they said, on a piece of paper with my ink pen. I guess i never grew out of it, because to this day if im visiting my moms, the first thing ill do when she leaves the house, ill play some of my favorite songs. My mom, or my roommates or anyone. Music gives me a feeling of freedom as well. Freedom to dance yourself into who you truly are. People who met me at a party, knows ill be the last to leave, or more like to dance myself out of the place. True story by the way multiple times. I always thought one night of dancing is not enough if you connect with the sound and the place.

My point is if you are in a bad place or you need to relax yourself, look for answers in music. Find what you like and meditate by dancing, by taking a walk with your headphones on or just by sitting and listening. You will be surprised. There are as many worlds as there are songs. And you can be part of each of it.

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