They say that there always be that band that comes along with you. Maybe you won’t be fangilring when you saw them or listen their song but you will always love them and you don’t know why. My band is Fall Out Boy. I know it’s weird to my friends because I don’t look like a rocker.

When I was 11 or 12 I went to a catholic school. I hate the whole buch. Of course I have good memories and now I usually think about it as an obstruction in my life what I could avoid. But the only thing I can remember that I didn’t have any close friends. There was no one who I could talk to, even I didn’t have soooo big problems. There was no one who I can hang out with. I hated some teachers and they hated me too. There were some classmates who I liked. (But later some changed a lot in a bad way. And some of them in a good way. A boy, let’s call him R, was had sat nex to me every year and than I didn’t like him at all, but I met him some months ago and he’s kinda awesome now.) So I had something called “friends” but at the end of the 6th class I was fed up with everything. I wanted to change school. And then Transylvania came.

In my town, every 6th grade student has that privilige that they can go to our town’s sibling-town in Transylvania for a week (I don’t now how is “testvér város” in English so please forgive me.). There I realised that I like some people but the most I don’t and they were also assholes to me. I was bullied. Not as bad as now in America but I got some bad and uncomfortable comment on my weight and on that fact that I was not so kind to them but they weren’t kind to me too.

So in Transylvania I started to “fall in love” with Fall Out Boy. I listened only their songs. When we get back to school in september I got more hate both from my classmates and my teachers. Yes, even from the nuns. I went home every day saying “I hate this school. I hate everything.” Three months of hysteria and finally in december I changed my school. And it’s a bid sad, though, but I stopped listened to them frequently. I listened some songs but I opened to other music. I think I changed. I was happy even when I felt alone sometimes. I had friends. Normal friends. They didn’t sad anything about my weight. I could even handle my dance mates’s bad comments.

So all I want to say that the music, no matter what kind of, but it could help going through bad things. By the way I souldn’t complain about the years in catholic school because my sister could too and she got more than me. And it’s important who are you surrounded by too.

And I don’t know why I tell my story, I just wanted to write down while listening their songs again. I don’t feel so sick now like years ago, I just do nostalgia. 🙂 Since they’re back now, I listen their new songs and the old ones too. But every time I see their name on my playlist it feels like home, a peacful place I belong.