1993 – I was fifteen, struggling through my teenage years and the nightmare of being forced to go to highshool, fighting against anorexia after a rape attempt, note sure if I was straight, gay or bi, and music meant the world to me.

1993 – I was one of the “crows” of the school, perched on a bench during every break with my fellow metalheads, long hair like dark curtains around my face, smoking hand rolled cigarettes. We were aliens, treated like we were plague-stricken and it felt so good.
It was us against the world.

1993 – I was madly in love with a girl named Sophie. It was a devouring and highly destructive passion and it ended up brutally. I never loved another girl after that.

1993 – A strange year for me. Only fifteen and feeling so old and threadbare. Music saved my life this year.