2 Years: Hope Through Music


It has been two years now that Flo and I started our website “Hope Through Music”. When we started, all we had in mind was to create something everyone can be a part of. A place where people can express themselves without fearing of being judged of who they are and how they feel. A place where people feel safe to speak about the things that are tough to speak about.

Having a look at this world today what is there left to say? Who knows what is best to say? All we know is that something needs to be said.

We want you to know that when we decided to start this website, all we wanted for people to know that they can come here and be safe with their feelings and thoughts. That was our intention from the very beginning and while the world might look differently now, we still come here to celebrate the fact that we’re alive. We made it and we can still continue. Music can and will keep us moving forward. When we listen to music ourselves we are escaping. Something in this world is broken and we don’t know hot to fix it. While we all feel the fear, we shouldn’t forget to let ourselves feel the strength too. Look at each other and learn from each other. We can all work our hardest to make that change that is so desperately needed happen. We know where you come from and we’re as lonely as you are, but when we come together we know we can survive this.