About me?

Where does this sob story start?
Im 15
Divorced parents
Have selective mutism
Panic attacks
Self harm
Suicidal thoughts
You know just about every other teen this day and age
Favorite bands include anything alternative such as Twenty one pilots, Panic at the Disco, Melanie Martinez, Fall Out Boy, Halsey, My Chemical Romance, and the list goes on and on. In reality music is my escape, helps me through hard times and makes the good ones even better. I myself am not very musically talented but do dabble in the field of the ukulele. Im a super smart math wiz and I make and lose friends left and right, so yay! Im pretty much a loner except for my brothers and lovely amazing mother and father who make my life the best life ever, note my sarcasm. I honestly don’t know nor care if people read or even just acknowledge this. It honestly just me talking to myself but read if you want.