All Time Low

Okay I love All Time Low so much. And they are still my favorite band and I’m technically seeing them tomorrow in thier home town. And I’m such an asshole. I haven’t been listening to them as much as I’ve been listening to new types of music and I just read a quote from of song of thier and I didn’t know what song it is. Which may seem normal, but I was genrally unhealthy obsessed to the max with them. I have posters, I’ve seen them live, I have documents upon documents. I have wrote stories based around them, I only listened to them for a straight month and for three of those days it was the same song (remembering sunday). I love that song so much. And I genrally analyzed the song. I listened to it so intensely and I wrote down each thing I absolutely loved about it. There were 74. 74 things that I couldn’t live without in a 4:16 song. And then for another song I calculated how many time I could listen to it in a Day, Week, month, decade and century. For no reason just in my free time. And also the month I only listened to them I literally didn’t go to school for that month. The only time I left that month were for appointments. And I stayed in my room with them playing becasue I was having a rough time and they were the only thing that made It better. And they have literally helped me through so much they gave me the courage to help and ask and learn more about my mom’s illness. Like literally every time I was afraid of something I would sing ‘guts’ to myself and I would be more at ease. And they literally have song for everything. I have everyone of thier albums. (Not last young renegade yet bc my sister said she’d buy it for me and I’m still waiting) and I have spent so much money on them and concidering I’m lower midder class it’s not okay. But I didn’t care and honestly I still dont. I just care about I have gone a whole without listening to them. And of course I still listen to them but it wasn’t an everyday thing for a couple of months. And that’s terrible becasue they were part of me and they still are. I wouldn’t leave unless I had listened to three all time lows songs before, I would say bye to my posters (weird ik, but I was codependent on all time low) and honestly I am glad I don’t need them as much. I’m glad I can function like a normal person without needing them. But I feel like shit becasue I feel like I have left a huge part of me behind and the thing is. I didnt, I still saw them everyday and listened to them frequently it’s just so a significant downfall from how much I use to rely on them daily. It’s just alot. I just love them and I’m so thankful for them. And I never want to feel like I’m not showing them enough respect which yes, ik, is stupid. And they are literally with me forever not only becasue of how much they helped me and how much I love them but I literally have my favorite song (which is by them) tattooed on my back.