Animal Years – Interview

If you are from or based in Brooklyn, NY you may be familiar with Animal Years already. If not, then please be ready for a storm to come. Their summer tour 2016 included a sold-out gig at the infamous New York City Gramercy Theatre and they worked with hit producer Ryan Hadlock who also worked with The Lumineers and Vance Joy. Starting the new year right, we were able to ask the band some questions.

Hi guys, thank you so much for taking the time to talking to us. The most important question of the day is – How are you?
We’re doing amazing! Thanks for asking… hope you’re well!

Before we focus on your new song “Friends” and the new EP “Far From Home”; Do you remember the first memory that is connected to music?
Mike (lead vocals, guitar) first remembers a theater and performing arts camp he went to as a kid.
Spinnato (drums) was also in theater and learned drums from his dad.
Saladino (bass) really started to get into music when he met Mike in college.

You just released your new single “Friends”, which was produced by Ryan Hadlock in a cabin in Woodstock. How important was it for you to record the music away from the city?
It was extremely important for us. The city has so many distractions, and we thought it was necessary to get out in order to really be able to focus. It allowed us to record for 12 hours, sleep in the studio and wake up to do it all over again.

New York City is a very important music city. Do you think the city has any influences on you and your music?
Yeah of course! The hustle is real and there are so many people being creative all the time. It inspires you to write and constantly push to improve.

During your 2016 spring/summer tour, you were able to sell out New York City’s infamous Gramercy Theatre, do you feel any pressure coming along with success and how do you manage to stay grounded?
That was a great show. Our fan base is amazing and we were able to sell it out because of an organic growth going from venue to venue over the last few years. We can only hope that we keep growing and outgrowing rooms as we build.

The main mission of our website is bringing people together by storytelling and music. We believe that a story to a song that helped someone might be able to help someone else too. Is there a song that helped you during a difficult time and would you mind sharing that story?

We just had the privilege of opening up for one of our heroes, Martin Sexton, for the second time and his song “In The Journey” is what comes to mind. In the song he sings about making his way through music and life. It’s truly inspirational and resonates with everyone in the band. We’d highly recommend a listen.

Do you use other artistic expressions next to music and in your opinion, what makes music so unique?
Music is the universal language. We have fans all around the world that message us and it’s amazing to know that our music has made them feel something, despite any differences in culture, language, geography…

It seems like on the one side there are people who say: “music saved my life” while on the other, people deny that music itself has the ability to save someone. Would you mind sharing your own opinion on this?
It has saved, and made all of our lives. Music is more than just a hobby… it’s our life!

Before we come to an end. Is there anything you would like to say to people who are struggling at the moment?
Find something that you love to do and focus all of your energy and passion on it. Put on a great record while doing it and it’ll surely make you feel better.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time!

Now, we’d like for you to keep an eye on Animal Years by following their Facebook, Twitter and of course play their music all day on Spotify!

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