Awake in winter

It’s 6pm and already pitch dark outside my window. Fall is turning into winter slowly, covering my hometown hills with snow and air that is so cold that the first breath you take leaving the house hurts. I love hitting the mountain to hide in headphones and just spend my time snowboarding and feeling the adrenalin in my veins. I love hiking in the cold, feeling my body heating up. I love staying in bed and just read.

I understand that there are people who prefer summer to winter. The days seem longer and warmer. You feel happier, more alive and possibly more awake. The sun is still present when you get home after your day, but this doesn’t have to change in winter. Days are not harder just because the season changed. The day has still the same amount of hours which can be filled with music, friends and love.

We were awake in winter
We were awake at night in winter
Don’t you think that we were glorious
And we were glorious
wrapped in blankets here, we’re victorious
And we were awake at night in winter

I don’t know your story or your dream, but don’t pause working on it just because you have to turn on the light when getting home. Winter days have still a sunrise and sunset to watch and it’s up to us if we want to see it and if it seems to hard sometimes, let it just be another day. The stars are still there tomorrow. Perhaps the opposite of a dark day is not a day filled with sunshine, because even that day has to end with the night. Maybe it’s a day you feel okay about yourself and your surroundings. Don’t try and force yourself to find happiness, try and feel satisfied with the small things. Fill your winter with small things: Music and books, tea and coffee, people and love. The day is still around you and it’s up to you to pay attention to it. Even a cold winter day can be brighten up and sometimes it just needs one song, one melody to determine the speed of our pace.