Bad Kid

I know that someone already posted a Lady Gaga song, but I hope it doesn’t bother anyone.

All of you might know the black sheep of your family who doesn’t archive anything, ruins Christmas and can’t stay away from trouble. Well, Hello – nice to meet you! My name? Oh just call me Bad Kid.

My spirit was always adventures. While kids stayed home doing their homework in the afternoon, I went outside to find something cool to do. If kids got told they’re to young to stay up late, I sneaked out of my room to walk around the neighborhood.
Every time I got grounded, I’ve found my way out of the house. I didn’t felt wrong any of those times, because it was horrible for me to stay inside doing stupid things people decided I had to do. Now I ask myself why I wasn’t able to behave myself.

When I heard Gaga’s song for the first time, it hit me right in my face.

“My parents tried until they got divorced.
‘Cause I ruined their lives.”

This line made me realize what a really Bad Kid I was. My parents always fought about my upbringing. While my mom said that she’s okay with me having my freedom, my dad forced me to stay inside till I learned my lesson. Mom even did quite her job to homeschool me, so they could control me even more.
While it was okay in the beginning I started to miss my friends very soon and therefore I left again. Would I have known that my dad wasn’t able to handle this anymore and leave, I might have stayed home.

Growing up on the streets made me strong and learned me how to survive on my own, but if I could turn back time, I would definitely change everything. Seeing my mom alone at home without my dad is heartbreaking. All she has left is her Bad Kid.