Being 26: Counting your blessings louder

Thoughts and words are inspired by Hayley Williams. 

I learned a lot of lessons being 26. Some of which I am still holding on to as I do not learn very gracefully, but life does not stay where you are. It hits you right in the face. It hurts. It rips you apart. It sucks the hope out of you. And this is okay.

The most important part in this time is to allow yourself to feel your emotions. Your pain. You are allowed to be sad, because it is pretty cool to have a black eye every now and then. It shows you are a human. You have done things and you have been to places. Even more importantly, it is okay to have scars and be hurt and show it. This is why we have music and friends.

And while I am preaching this to myself as much as anyone else, please do not let being hurt, in pain and upset take your hope away from you. Ever.

Being 26, I learned that people will take your kindness for weakness. I heard it all my life and this year was my wake up call, but when it comes to life, a lesson learned isn’t learned enough so the bigger lesson is to not let this stop you from being kind. The state the world is in right now will tell you that you have to be a badass and bitter and angry, but we don’t have to and we can make it cool again to be nice and it is even cooler to be kind. Let the world rip you apart, but don’t let them take the light out of you.

I’ve also been so blessed throughout my life to be able to combine friendship and music and having friends that hurt really hard with you and stick to you through all the ups and downs is all we need in life. This past year has been a year that I do never want to re-live again and at the same time I would do it all over again if it means understanding what being loved and having friends in this life feels like.

It’s been an honour to have met all the people that bummed into my life whether to stay or just a short period. Everyone I’ve ever had a conversation with. The rest is life happening and I hope all your dreams come true. From the bottom of my heart.

Right now, I don’t know what tomorrow will look like. I know that what we are going through right now will all be stories one day, but right now, this is life happening.  And maybe we are not the sad story we think we are. One day, we will see it, ok friend?

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