Can You Feel My Heart

Music has helped through the up and downs of life. Struggling with depression since I was 13, I had a tough time entering high school. Im now currently 17 years old and music has saved my life. It helped me feel less alone at tough times when I was down in the dumps. Music. Its so powerful and I cant even begin to describe it. It makes someone whos numb come to feel something. At one point, it was all i cared about and lived for. For anyone whos going through a tough time or wants to end it all, There is so much hope, i cannot be able to describe. Listen to music you love and enjoy your life <3 Love you guys

P.s. The reason I made my message available to alot of people is because I want to dedticate my life to public speaking against bullying and for motivation 🙂 Lots of love and hope