Chapter 12: Music is the medicine for my soul.

Music saved my life, yes! Music was the only thing I had at some point. There were dark days, when I couldn’t understand myself. There were days were I didn’t want to get up, when I didn’t have a reason to be alive. Some days were nothing made sense. Days where I felt worthless and so small. When I felt like I couldn’t get out of my depression, there was one thing, one thing that healed me. I wrote so many lyrics and that somehow was very therapeutic. I felt music, somehow understood pretty well what I was going through. I realized I was not alone, that there were so many people singing their pain away. I connected so deeply with new melodies. I let myself go. I let myself sink in my pain, but music brought me right out where I could breathe again. I can’t even describe the feeling of detaching my heart and my soul from all these toxic thoughts. I can give full on credit to music for my improvement. I always can rely on it, no matter what. Music is more than melody, is more that lyrics that rhyme. Music is all those feelings and emotions that don’t work when we simply say them. “Music speaks when words can’t.” I’m in love of music, it always knows the right things to communicate to me. There’s music for every single stage of life, for every single interpretation and perception. Music is beauty, even when it’s about unpleasant things. The world would be so boring, so square, so lacking of colors without it. Music connects all your senses and it makes you explode inside. I love music because I couldn’t live a single day without it. Thank you, music. Thank you for saving my life.