Chemical Insomnia

Everlasting nights leave all views behind
Limits will become less clear and
A misty memory played out in a dream
This endeavor is causing fear

I’ve been asked to write a post for this site a while ago, but I’ve never had a concrete situation I could describe.

Don’t give in to all of this
Dive into ecstatic bliss
Tame the lion that’s hiding the need to be free

Music gives me hope everyday. It doesn’t matter how good or bad I feel, music gives me hope that everything will be alright, even just for a minute. It can be one particular song, one concert or just to know that a new release of my favourite band is coming, I’m just happy in that moment.

Forbidden friut tastes better when it can numb the brain

At the moment summer brings me pure happiness, because it’s the start of the festival season. Epica is one of my favorite bands and they will start a new tour in November and I try to go to their own festival this year. All of this gives me hope that everything will be alright.

Fight the monsters that consume your entity