Coming down from cloud 9 after meeting kelly clarkson

I met her a week ago and im finally processing it and wanted to say a few things. Although i was upset at first when they said no pictures, since ive been waiting about 15 years to meet this girl, it really made me live in the moment. Kelly has had such a big impact on me, through her music, through her genuine personality, through everything. This girl saved my life in more ways than one when i was going through a very rough patch. As soon as i walked up the steps to the stage where she was signing books i couldnt stop shaking and once i made it to the table i broke down in tears. I got to thank her. After all these years i got to thank her and i handed her a note thanking her. I know she most likely didnt read it, since shes so busy and must have gotten a lot of things that day but she went out of her way to reassure me that she would read it by saying “i have a long way back in the car after, i’ll read it” and asking me my name. It made it more personal to me. She could have just taken the note and threw it to the side and not have said anything but she went that extra step to take it and place it next to her and reassure me (probably because i was in tears) but it meant so much. Instead of focusing on how my hair looked for a picture, i focused on looking at her and finally getting to thank her. Yes im a little jealous of her taking pictures at her other book signings now but im so grateful for the opportunity that i had. With other celebrities ive met ive always been so focused on how i looked that after the picture was snapped it was over and i didnt get to talk to them. This time i got that chance and im so lucky for it. She’s such a kind hearted person and im so lucky to have her as a role model.