Concept Album – Writing Piece from Ian

The Concept Album

It is an understatement to deny the thought of not existing has occasionally crossed my mind. Even if people are hesitant to admit it, getting hurt and feeling alone are universal emotions that propel such “what if” scenarios. Nothing has compelled me that life is worth taking but, I’ve seen enough though to understand why it can become a logical resolution.

Suicide is NEVER an “easy way out”; it can become an accessible one. Hurt and sour experiences strike harder than joyful moments. Sometimes the pain and horrible memories become so much they block out happy ones. When people begin losing sight of their positivity, they tune out the people supporting them and the results are devastating. I know at least three people, who committed suicide and that’s too much. Hope Through Music uses the message of hope and positivity in the form of music to keep people trudging through the darkness. It is a beautiful and inspiring purpose, but more needs to be done to promote and provide support for people at-risk, battling addiction, and suffering from depression.

I am a firm believer in utilizing positive outlets. Positive outlets are avenues people use to express themselves in a way that is therapeutic instead of self-destructive. Music and writing have always been my two go-to positive outlets. I often find them intertwining. My favorite thing about them is they provide me with a voice when I cannot express the words aloud. This is why I encourage people to explore new music and write out their feelings. It doesn’t have to be a powerful piece or even a coherent one. To be able to pour out your feelings onto paper or a laptop takes a burden off the emotions bottled inside of you.

Your positive outlets doesn’t have to be music or writing. Choose something that brings out the best in you and share it. Always make it your best interest to bring music into the hearts of others. It can go a long way. With that, I leave you with this piece about hope and music.


Concept Album

Track One, roll out the tape deck and re-play the thing back.

It’ll take some time, but we still got a long road ahead.

Pull out the tunes of childhood and teenage dreams.

Storybook wonders wrapped in cellophane bubbles blur the feelings of our pastime.

Songs of joy-laughter-stupidity-anger-lust-romance-sadness

Flow evenly.                    Separated by empty space.                  Dead Air.


This is ya concept album. Ya made it this far.

Ya can’t bail out on ya epic master-track. 


There will be critics. Their razor talons

gripped to everything you hold dearly

And they criticize just like they were taught.

They’ll make you feel worthless and unimportant over and over. (But they won’t.)

They’ll almost convince you’re a generic best left on the cutting room floor. (But they won’t.)

They’ll pull others away from you and they may succeed here. (But you didn’t lose anything.)

The real fans stick by you all along.


This is ya concept album. Ya made it this far.

Ya can’t bail out on ya epic master-track. 


Somewhere out there, a giant poster of you is nailed on someone’s bedroom wall.

For all your faults and cracks, to them, you’re infallible.

They are the ones that pump air into your lungs; supply you with the gift

Of being alive.

So tune up your six-string and warm up your larynx.

You’ve got harmony bursting through your blood.

Time to lay it all down.


This is ya concept album. Ya made it this far.

Ya can’t bail out on ya epic master-track.