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Sometimes you are introduced to artists and the only question is: “Where have you been all this time?”. This happened to us with Diives who is raising awareness about mental health with his upcoming single “Anxiety”.

His passion is turning into his profession by expressing that music does not only bring hope, but also change. He says: “People are finally talking about anxiety, depression and other mental health problems and this track was written to share some personal experiences on the subject. The song has a raging undercurrent because when anxiety takes control it is unbelievably frustrating! The line ‘When the night’s bleed into a long old year or so…’ was in relation to waking up one day and realising that a big chunk of life was missing because of anxiety. You can feel a lot of guilt for not making any positive moves when you’re feeling anxious, but people should feel good that they’re reaching out to people, getting the help they need and looking after themselves. All the other stuff can come later.”

We were able to ask some questions and we cannot wait for you to read his answers:

First of all, congratulations on your debut single “Anxiety” which will be released 18th August 2017. Do you remember your first memory that is connected to music?

Thank you. Yes, I don’t know if it was my earliest memory of music, but I always remember hearing a Meat Loaf song on the radio for the first time as a child, I remember the repetitiveness of the chorus and realising that this is what a ‘song’ is. It always stuck with me as one of the first times I started to understand what music was.

Being young can be exciting on the one side, but also scary on the other. Your song “Anxiety” is your personal expression to tell people that music can bring hope and change. Do you think society has to encourage young people more to find a way to express themselves with music?

Yes, I truly believe that with any art, it’s all about people relating and that can be by being vague sometimes or it can also be by spilling yourself completely into whatever it is you’re creating. Sometimes you need to be completely open, & although that can be scary, it can help so many people who are feeling the same way. With Anxiety, I intentionally wanted to let everything out. I have very rarely talked about my own experiences with these sorts of things, but I finally got the courage to do it and I hope that the song can help people speak up.

A lot of anxiety is caused by a constant social media use. By following your dream to make music it is one part of your job as well, do you feel any pressure coming along with it and how do you handle it?

It is part of my job to be very active on social media, but you can find yourself getting lost in the artificial world of it sometimes. When that happens, it is wise to take a step back I think. I have always called myself a hypocritical Luddite, because I do feel that new technologies and social media are compromising our ability to communicate in the real world, but I still always use every new technology going. I suppose with what I do, you do have to keep up to date with everything new that’s happening, but be careful not to get lost in it all.

The mission of our website is bringing people together with the power of music and letting them share a story to a song that is connected to something special in their life as a song that helped someone might be able to help someone else too. Is there a specific song that helped you and would you mind sharing the story?

I don’t know if it’s a general opinion, but I always find the sadder songs can pull you through the tougher times. Some people may think they would make you feel worse in times like that, but they’ve always had the opposite effect on me, because it makes me think that someone else has been there. There are so many songs and stories that I could pick, but the one that springs to mind is ‘Blur – Sweet Song’. I was going through a bit of a rough time, I was having some money troubles, just coming out of a long term relationship and had lost some family members at the same time. This song really helped me through that period, the music is beautiful for starters and the lyrics spoke to me. Damon Albarn was probably talking in the literal sense when he said: “All our lives are on TV” but for me it meant, all this is happening to characters in TV shows and films all the time, for me that was just another reminder that people everywhere are going through the same thing as you, & that made me feel better about it I suppose.

Do you use other artistic expressions next to music and in your opinion, what makes music so unique?

I don’t do as much as I’d like to, I love photography and I’m always keen to have a big input on the artwork that goes alongside my music, as I do feel that music and art go hand in hand. Music has had an impact on me to a point which I can’t quite explain, when a piece of music can invoke a wave of emotion that can’t be described, then I don’t know how anything can else can beat it.

It seems like one the one side there are people who say music saved my life while on the other, people deny that music itself has not the ability to save someone. Would you mind sharing your own opinion on this?

I had a message not too long ago from a man on the other side of the world, who told me that my lyrics had saved his life. He said he was in a really dark place and that my song had pulled him through, he said he wouldn’t know what he would have done if it wasn’t for my song. I couldn’t believe it and it made me realise that what I was doing was so worthwhile. So my answer would be that it can definitely save lives. Making music has saved my life and now I am proud to say that it has saved someone else’s.

Before we come to an end. Is there anything you would like to say to people who are struggling at the moment?

I would say that there is always hope no matter what. The worst feeling in the world can’t last forever and in the darkest of times, you can always take small positive steps and start building yourself back up. Sometimes it can be a slow process, but it works and even if it seems so difficult to do, try your best to do it. Music can be a part of that too, because it can lift your mood massively and turn your day around. I’ve always found that keeping busy is key.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time!

My pleasure, thanks so much for having me!

We can only encourage everyone to follow Diives on his journey by keeping an eye on his social media accounts: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | SoundCloud

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