Don Amero

When Don Amero first let us know about his amazing project called „Hope Through Music“, we were amazed right away. Back in November 2014, he released his Kickstarter Campaign to gain financial help for his new album. His music hits you right in the heart and let’s you believe that everything can get better. His mission was always to leave people happy and hopeful while he realised that music is his own medicine. He is living and spreading the same message that we want to spread: You are not alone. You can find your freedom and hope in music and it will lead you to great things.

We are more than happy that he is willing to answer some questions for us:

1) First of all, is there a specific song that helped you through a tough time?
I grew up with some inherited shame of my families past, particularly our aboriginal roots and a few years ago I heard the Bruce Cockburn song ‘Red Brother, Red Sister’ and I broke down. It speaks of the injustices done toward the aboriginal people. It lead me on the road I’m on now to being a person who’s proud of where he came from.

 I have had numerous people tell how a song has effected them

2) We really believe that music has the ability to safe lives. What is your main motivation to create this album with the help of other people?

Music is medicine and I have felt the power it holds. I have had numerous people tell how a song has effected them and helped them through tough times. One of my favourite stories is when I got a letter from a person who was an alcoholic. They were driving to the liquor store to drink the night away and on route they heard a song of mine on the radio called ‘Dark Horse’ (about someone who’s struggled with alcoholism). After hearing it they stopped and went home and whenever they struggle they would listen to that song. Helping people like that in those tough situations is why I do what I do.

It has been the support of great family, friends and fans that has brought me to this point. Any career in the entertainment world depends on their supporters to back them up. Rather than chase down a label or record deal, I thought, why not just go to the people I work with and for to see if they’ll join me in creating more of this kind of music.

be able to put yourself in anothers shoes mentally and emotionally

3) Do you have the feeling that in some way an artist has to suffer to create something great?

I’m not sure one has to suffer to create something great, but perhaps the necessity would be in having a sympathetic or empathetic heart and be able to put yourself in anothers shoes mentally and emotionally. I’ve written many songs based on the journeys of others.

4) How is the feedback to your Kickstarter campaign so far?

So far it’s been great. Almost $7000 of the $20,000 goal has been raised, so we’re about a third of the way there. Right now being the Christmas season it’s a time for family, friends and feasts, so I expect a lot of folks are busy with that, as I will be until about January 1st. I have a strong feeling that once we hit the new year we’ll see a strong and steady growth in the support for this project.

Thank you very much Don for everything! We wish you all the best for your album and that your music will inspire people all around the world. 

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