Feel No Shame

it’s really hard to remake yourself and your own thoughts. literally, I was a lump of everyday-bad-mood and low self-evaluation about six months ago. now I feel really good. I’ve been trying to love myself since 7th grade when my best friends left me and I felt so annoying and depressing. but actually… who need friends like those ones? not me anyway. and music really helps. don’t try to drown out your fears and feelings with sad music. believe in your goals and dreams. make it true. I really want to thank oasis and their songs that help me to get through the emotional stuff.

‘hey now’ – the one of my favourite song. every time it takes me back.

I learned to solve problems instead of running away from them. I don’t hold people anymore. I love my family, friends and stuff I make. I’ve trying to be that I want.

and yeah I finally love myself

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