Give Peace a Chance

Ever since I was a child, my parents used to take my brother and I on a holiday somewhere across Europe. Every year, a new city, a new beach, a new place. I probably do not remember even half of the places we went to, but I know that it opened up my will to discover the world. Luckily, my parents trusted me enough to let me go on my own travels by the age of 15 to hang out with friends which lived hundreds of kilometres away, to go to concerts across the continent. While most kids stayed in our hometown during their teens, I was out on the road being mentored by a music manager, spend New Years Eve in Vancouver, Canada or road tripped along the east coast of America.

I doubt it hit anyone by surprise when I decided to study and travel abroad in Australia, followed by driving a camper-van across New Zealand. But the greatest adventure so far was taking time to put my life on hold and walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Six weeks without a Laptop, rarely usage of my phone and only focused on the here and now and the people around me.

By 26, I am privileged enough to say that I’ve seen some of the most incredible places on this earth already and while the core of this earth is so beautiful, it hurts to see humanity with its ideologies which simply and logically cannot work, attack it.

It is no secret to anyone that we live in difficult times and the main questions still is – was it ever different? We spend most of our days running through the day, not looking left or right nor listening to what our body tries to tell us. We make time for social media and headlines which are created to generate clicks which lead to profit for major news corporations. We somehow managed to unlearn to make time for each other, look each other in the eye and pay attention.

There is no book in this life that will teach us the same experiences as we learn by going out and talk to people. The future and the past is based on pausing and reflecting what we’ve all experienced throughout our lives. We do not have to travel across the globe, but making a living and making a life are completely different things as one can only be achieved by coming together as one. We can fix each other with our love.

A couple of years ago, Yoko Ono and John Lennon used to sing: “Give Peace a Chance” and it is as simple as that. So let’s keep holding on to the heart of the child in us and use it as our armor, ok friend?

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