Holding On To You

Sometimes I actually like to take the time and compare things from then and now. Especially in terms of meaning. For example, when I was almost 16 and desperate to die, I found music that ultimately saved my life. And it’s the same again this time, only I’ve found myself making new meanings for the same songs. Before I would scream at the top of my lungs Holding On To You and at the time I was holding onto myself, onto my sanity. Now I’m holding onto him. I was in love listening to Never Gonna Leave Me and now I know the real meaning of the words.
Now that you have gone
I know it wont be long
You will be waiting for me
Now I’m taking your love from above
You’re never gonna leave me
I will carry you on for so long
Your love is never gonna leave me
And it’s come to the point where I’m recognizing undertones and meanings in things I had never realized before. And it amazes me how much perspective influences and shapes the world around you. Getting Better was an anthem for escaping the doldrums in everyday life and looking positively now it’s a searing reminder that with everyday it does get better.