How Bands Saved My Life

Hi everyone. My name is Nicole. I’m a 19 year old girl who had Aspergers, MDD, ADHD, and OCD.

At one point in my life, I hated who I was, and still do sometimes.

But one day I was listening to the cover of “Iris” by sleeping with sirens, because im one of those people who likes to look up covers. Now kellins voice had me tearing up, and that’s the day I found my music. The bands that saved my life.

After a while, I ended up really depressed and wanted to end it all. And then like I said in a way previous post, my friend showed me Brendon Urie and Gerard Way.

My friend met Brendon the other day and told him what I asked her to tell him which was “Brendon you saved my life and I love you.”

She told me his reply was that he smiled, “I’m glad, and I love her too.”

Needless to say I fucking cried.

You guys in tumblr make me feel like I’m a part of a great big family. And I love you all.

So many of you may be similar to me and know how it feels to be outcast.

Sometimes I feel like an outcast to my own family. But it gets better.

Never end your life because you feel it won’t get better, because babes…I promise you it will.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that your sexual orientation is shit, because I identify as a fucking potato! (Actually I’m a female but I don’t really care about being s female lol)

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough because you are.

Don’t forget.

Stay alive! |-/