How I Got Courage

My mom is very sick and has several life threatening health problems, given I’m just a young teenage girl with anxiety, it’s hard to talk about it. Most of the time I just ignore it and pretend its not happening (terrible I know), but I had so many questions about it. I really wanted to ask asked talk asked out it but I couldn’t find the courage to open my mouth, becasue talking asked out bout it made it real asked outbound I didn’t want it to be. I knew what I was doing wasn’t gonna get me anywhere so I decided I needed to stop being scared and talk to her about it. But thats just not the way I work, I don’t talk about anything.
So even though I know the point of song wasn’t intended to be interpreted the way I did, it helped alot. I listened to it alot for a while and eventually I just kept singing the lyrics “honestly I’ve got the guts to say anything” over and over until I was able to talk about what needed to be said and asked

I know this isn’t the most life changing story but it really helped me and sticks with me so I decided to share it