How music is helping my grandmother in the treatment of cancer

Today is the six month since my grandmother’s stomach surgery because cancer and it’s been a long battle but it seems like finally everything it’s getting better for her. The thing  that I wanna share with you it’s about how music is making a little happier  this recovery process and I’ll tell you my story.

After surgery it was super painful for her eat because she hasn’t an stomach so I saw her suffer a lot in the physically and emotional way. I didnt knew how help her or how make her think in other thing.
One day I went to her home and we were having a small talk about our likes and dislikes. I put my cell phone on with Shake it off playing and I told her that happy songs like these make my ugly days better because is a happy sound that make me feel happier. So she stand up and told me that it was a “super happy song” and she started dancing. Was an incredible moment to me because you obviously  know that I’m a huge fan of Taylor but this is other level to me. My grandmother stand up by her own for the first time in MONTHS and enjoy a little dance with the song!
It was an increible and emotional moment because I finally saw an honest smile in her face. Time was frozen to that 15 seconds in which I saw her full of life trying to dance. I’m incredible thankful. After, I played the entire album for her and she loved the sound of the half of the songs.

So my mom talked about this to her doctor and he said that music is important part of treatments, in my case happened with Taylor because is the music that i hear but can happen with other artist too. Music is this little break from the recovery, cancer, surger, etc. Music put positive energy into people and it make easier all this process.