I fall in love a little bit every day with someone new

Have you ever seen someone so beautiful, like, not even just aesthetically, but like, heart of gold, life on line for others in trouble kinda personality, and just thought, there is so little I wouldn’t give to wake up with someone like them beside me? Like, I could go on for hours about how I don’t even know these people, but somewhere deep inside, I’ve fallen so hard it hurts to breathe just when I hear their voice. That’s why i love these bands and their music, and their members. You hear people talking about how so and so’s music saved their life, or stopped them from hurting their self. But honestly? I don’t believe it, I don’t think it was the music, no matter how beautiful the rift, or how the vocalist voice sends shivers through you. I think its all in the fact that we found something, finally in our messed up little world that we can finally relate too. I’ve been told that the way I dress, the music I listen to and the way I act make me different. That I’m just doing it for attention. And I have to admit, theirs a certain apeal to having people notice. But the total euphoria when some stranger decides to talk to you because they like that band on your shirt, or want to know where they can get a corset like that, or what type of hair die you use, that’s the real reason I do it. It’s not to stand out, ‘cause truly? I don’t, there’s a million other people out there who dress, act, look, feel, and even maybe have been through the same things as me. I’m not pushing people around me away, I’m just drawing people like me in.
I feel like music is the same way, were just listen to it to find ourselves in it, but honestly, I think its all in the people behind it, are you really listening for the way the guitar sounds? Or are you listening for the care they take to make it perfect for the beat of the drums? Are you really listening for the way they frame the lyrics? I could go on forever about the lyric that I’ve connected to, the singers, and drummers, and bassists, and guitarist, but honestly? All you have to do is listen to the way they care about their music, watch an interview, listen to a song.
Lyrics are just people in disguise

And so yes, I fall in love with new people everyday, I listen to a song, find a name, a story, and I’m hooked, and there is so little I wouldn’t do to find someone later in life that is as amazing as these people that I fall in love with, that has such a story, such a beautiful way of telling it, and of getting people to connect… And ill forever try to do my best at the same, maybe it wont always be lyrics, or music, or even poetry and art, but ill always try to relate , connect, and be myself with people around

Honestly I have no idea what this rant is even about, I’m just tired of people looking at me like I have three heads each time I fall in love again, or go out dressed like I want to be, I just want to be free, and for people to understand.