I get it now.

Okay, this is a confession. As early as last year, I always made fun of people who would say “Music saved my life.” I scoffed at these people. “How can music save your life, you define yourself through your own actions and when you say that it’s so dumb and ridiculous.” I didn’t like me, now that I look back. I suppose I was just a hateful human being, maybe because I was so unhappy with my current situation at home or whatever. Be that as it may, I had no right to say these sorts of things. I made friends by saying these things!! I’ve grown up a lot, and if you don’t believe me, you should see all the people I’ve cut off because I felt like that influenced me negatively. Continuing on, until I realized how much I was struggling with myself, I was very judgemental. Then, I fell into pits on sadness, when the only thing I could think about were what the suicide notes would say…. It wasn’t until I discovered Twenty One Pilots through a video I was on Tumblr did I really understand the teenagers that used to say “Music saved my  life.” Because they did. It’s really miraculous; like an epiphany or sudden, epic realization. At that moment in my life, I realized how sad and petty I was, and how my actions and words really did matter to some people, and that the golden rule is the GOLDEN rule for a reason. Never, ever, ever, ever joke about serious things like suicide or depression. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all. This must be what it means to be an adult; realizing that other humans are really sensitive, even if they don’t show it.