I Had A Dream

There is this process we all go trough in our lives. We get born with this indescribable shine in our eyes and this natural and real smile. We haven’t felt hate yet and had no idea how it feels to get hurt, but that chances with every day we life upon this day.

When we’re young we create these big dreams of becoming a firefighter, the president or an astronaut. Mostly we don’t get taken seriously, because we’re too young to find out what we want for our lives and that’s even be said while we were sleeping in a firefighter truck bed.

Then years pass by and we get older and grow up a little more with every day. We find out that school isn’t as funny as our parents promised. We start realizing that kids can be terrible and hate faces us everyday. Even the Internet hasn’t helped us in this case. If we’re not facing the hate in school, we face it online. That’s when we start to loose our shine and start to question ourselves. “Can I really become an astronaut?”, “Am I good and smart enough to start a political career?” or just “Am I enough?”. Our innocent soul gets filled with anger and we start to get rid off of our dreams, because we start thinking that we never gonna make it.

High school then starts to become even worse than middle school. It seems that our society has this big obsession with groups. There are the popular kids, freaks, athletics and many more. It seems if you don’t fit in at least one of these groups than your lost. If your not kissed by the age of fourteen.. holy crap how you want to survive life? It’s this time of life were unimportant things really start to become our life goals. Even the media is telling us what we have to become and how much money we have to make to be seen as successful: “Oh you want to become a hairdresser? How you want to pay for three children?”. That’s when we totally forget our dreams and start chasing after the so called “happy successful life”.

In college we study things that we never even thought would be existing till the first class and the day were “I have to become successful” burns itself into your brain. We start learning till midnight to pass this senseless tests the next morning. We work double shifts to pay off our student loans. We get depressed, because we realize life doesn’t turns out the way we dreamed as kids, but we ignore it, because life isn’t always fun, isn’t it? We get used to the stress, because we expect this big paycheck at the end of college. That’s when the look in our eyes gets empty.

This big paycheck might come and you might feel happy for a certain amount of time, but someday you will realize that this isn’t the big dream you thought about when nothing has influenced you. This dream when we were little might have been the truest dream we ever had.

I don’t want you to feel bad about that you’re doing something else you ever wanted to do. I want you to think about what you can do to make it still happen. The truth is that society and the media don’t even care about what your dream is, both is build upon money and as long as there is enough money to fool people, they will. They have the power of what we see, what we know and what we should do. They created the definitions of what’s right and wrong.

All I want is for you to get outside, take a walk and think about your childhood dreams and how happy you were with your untouched soul, because your life was never supposed to see trough empty eyes. You life is supposed to be seen with your shiny eyes you’ve had since the day you were born.