I love music.

I cannot stress enough how much I love music.

I could have the shittiest day ever and as soon as I put in my ear buds, everything seems okay and tolerable. I know I can’t sing, but it doesn’t stop me from belting my favourite lyrics when I’m trying to distract myself from my depression. You’ll either hear me singing loudly and off-key, or hear the faint sound of a blade being plunged into my skin. Music keeps my wrists clean.

Music is so fucking incredible. It transports people to an incredible and indescribable place to be free their minds and be whoever the fuck they want for just a few minutes. Music can bring back past emotions and old memories and experiences.

I can go from listening to OM&M or Bring Me The Horizon one moment, then the next fricken’ Broadway showtunes or upbeat mainstream pop.

Music has saved my life.