If I Stay, You Stay…..Part 2

Part 2 of my scrambled thoughts and feelings…..Enjoy

What is music…?

Music isn’t just vibrations that travel through the air, its the people you meet because of it, Its the people behind creating your favourite records, the memories you make, the sheer joy of just jamming out to your favourite song in the car with your best friend, the free feeling you get listening to your favourite band/artist live. The excitement meeting people you idolise, the people that created your favourite song, the song you connected with because you and that person share a similar story the lyrics tell.

Music is so much more than those vibrations traveling through the air………what is music to you?

To me there is no greater feeling than being at a concert. Being surrounded by your closest friends, By hundreds or thousands of people who share the same love for music as you.Not feeling judged, just completely comfortable in your own skin enough to be your true self. The overwhelming feeling when that artist/band steps on stage,The feeling of the atmosphere and energy in that venue lifting you up.The care free feeling you have for those few hours is what I live for, forgetting any issues I have in the real world and just living in the moment, the moment music takes over you soul and takes all the weight off your shoulders for those few hours. Live music is what I live for.

Being at a concert is so refreshing its like a break for your heart, mind and soul. It makes you forget anything negative going on in the world and in your personal life no matter what it is. But for me its not just live music that can help me forget my problems just simply jamming out to my favourite songs with my favourite people is one of the best things I thin you can do to forget reality for a few moments, being able to connect to music and calling it my special place is so amazing. Its all down to those people we idolise the people making the music, sharing their life stories whether they are positive or negative and having them open up about their struggles though their music. Artist make them selves vulnerable by sharing these things so we connect to their music, connect to them on some what a personal level, to spread messages that things will be OK and that negatives can be turned in to something positive like them sharing a negative memory but turning it in to a beautiful song that thousands of people will connect to and take something from. By them showing us their vulnerability through their music and for them to share their stories it gives people hope, hope that things do get better, makes people realise that they aren’t alone even their favourite musicians go through shit because they are normal humans they just have an opportunity and platform to share their stories and  help other people in this messed up world.

Have you ever wanted to meet a Band/Artist for years and over that time you managed to gain a few interactions on social media, maybe you’ve even seen them live but have you ever wanted to meet someone so badly? And for so many years you would imagine how it would be to meet them, how you’d feel before, during and after you’ve met them, wondering what that Artist/Band is actually like in person. Then finally after all those years wondering, its your turn to see if everything you pictured in your head was right? Time to meet that Band/Artist. The overwhelming amount of excitement and happiness that come crashing over you knowing after so many years you are going to finally meet the people that write your favourite lyrics, the people that wrote the songs that added light to your darkness, the people who you may considering saved your life. Its a feeling like no other, all your emotions come to surface, the excitement and adrenaline take over your whole body because the people/person you’ve looked up to for so many years, the people you’ve been a fan of since day one are stood right in front of your very eyes. Its your chance to finally tell them everything you’ve ever wanted. These are the moments I cherish and I’m sure the artist cherish as well.

Recently I saw a little rant on twitter by Telle Smith the front man of one of my favourite bands The Word Alive, he was talking about how some fans (not specifically TWA fan just fans in general) call musicians assholes or being rude to them for not meeting fans after shows. He started speaking about how amazing it is to travel and play shows across the world but its a huge sacrifice they have to pay, he was trying to get people to understand that they as musicians are still humans they have loved ones at home, they miss people, they are away from their families for so long they struggle as well and people need to appreciate and respect that. So Here’s to all the bands/artist that tour the world, share their music, share their stories, show their vulnerability to us. Speaking on behalf of myself and I’m sure a lot of others it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to make amazing music, for showing us we aren’t alone, for being away from your loved ones so we can see you live across the world, thank you for reflecting back to negative and positive memories so we as fans can relate and connect to you on a personal level, thank you for putting yourselves out there even when you’re going through hard times, thank you for sharing advice be it via social media or in person and thank you for taking the time out to meet fans when you do. We are extremely grateful because just like you we owe our lives to music, you guys are the ones that saved us and in some cases just like we as fans saved you.

To Be Continued