If you want to sing out, sing out

We all have these rituals we do every now and then. Mine is to throw everything away I haven’t even touched throughout the year, except music, books and movies. While I cleaned out my space a few days ago, I stumbled over all my old mixtape I made in my teens and MC’s were an actual thing. I can’t describe the feeling I felt while listening, but the first song hit me. It was “If you want to sing out, sing out” by Cat Stevens (He is now called Yusuf Islam). I must have been around 16 and full of dreams. I lived this song, because it was the anthem to my life then. I didn’t had ordinary dreams, I had the huge ones.

I wouldn’t say that I achieved them, but it still can happen. While growing up, you get very tired of trying. The excitement of future starts fading away and you start to appreciate the little things in life. I wouldn’t say that I’m not happy, but I wish I wouldn’t have stopped. While listening to this song again, I felt like 16 again. It motivated me and I realised that if I want something in life, I just have to take it. No one will wait for me to start my business, I have to start it.

I can do what I want, the opportunity is on.
And If I find a new way, I can do it today.
I can make it all true, I can make it all true.

I inhale the lyrics of this song every morning the past few days. The main goal now is to not get tired again. I know that a lot of people tell especially young people to chase the dream “everything is possible”, but you know what? You have to work your ass off, but it will be worth it. Listen to those people. They might not have made their dream come true yet, but even the way to the ultimate dream is fulfilling.
Start to listen and if you want to sing out, sing out.