ignore this I’m just writing this as a tribute to music

this probably sounds stupid but I don’t care music has quite literally saved my life and is one of the main reason why I am still alive. it has been the one consistent thing throughout my 17 years of existence and I’ll forever be grateful for that. whether it be slow sad songs or fast paced “party” songs it always just helped me through every single moment of my life. I would list the moments off but that’s a little much idk some of the people I’m most close to don’t know the things I have been through so yeah. so here’s a thank you to music. thank you for the laughs, the cries, the blank stares at the wall, the times I thought I wouldn’t make it another second, the times you would be playing while I was in a lovers arms, the long drives at night screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs, the times I’d be in my bathroom doing bad things, the times i shower and belt out the lyrics, you’ve always been there for me. you always will be. that’s why I love music so much, it actually stays. it’s the one thing I know will never leave me, never make me feel like less of a person I am. it will never make me feel the way people have made me felt. I probably sound insane but I really do not care at all. music is my life. music is the reason I am alive, the reason I am still here. so thank you. thank you for helping me through every single moment of my life.