I’m trying

I’m trying… I’m struggling so hard but I’m trying.. This feeling that gnaws at me chest, the nasty thoughts in my head that everyone is against me and no one is there to help or pull me through. I have separation issues, I’m scared of being alone but it feels like in this world of 7 billion; I am alone. I try and try to assert myself places, groups, and with people to feel loved but it’s so hard. I believe there is no one out there for me and music is the only thing that pulls me through. But knowing I’m never gonna meet the people that save my life everyday is painful. So painful. I pull through though, because I know there are people out there that care for me like my family. Even tho it seems they never show it.

I’m trying to pull through this because I know in the end after all this pain will be happiness and I think everyone needs to believe it. Everyone needs to know no matter how much things hurt, you will make it.