I could tell thousands of different stories to thousand of different songs. It’s hard to choose one, because nearly every song I know is linked to a certain memory, but none of these songs is able to cope my pain about this world then this one.

This world makes me not only angry, but also tired. Every time I take a walk through the city I ask myself what those people are going through. Most people are not laughing, they’re just busy thinking. I don’t know if they are having a good or bad day, just straight surviving. I’m not surprised by people not smiling, because the days are starting with horrible headlines on the newspaper. Headlines to article I don’t know if they’re completely honest, because the headlines sell the newspaper. Money got already so deep into our industries and minds that we somehow forgot when it’s enough. Is it okay to tell a half-true story, because more people are going to buy it? If we only get preached that communication is the most important thing between humans, why are we starting our days with misinformation?

It also hurts to see how society and the media start to get meaner every day. You can’t share an honest opinion without getting mashed by mean comments. It is just wrong to threaten people with rape, even if they’re YouTube stars. No one should have the power and opportunity to say such things. Just because it is the Internet and you don’t have to face that person doesn’t give you the right to speak out an actual threat. I really start to question what has changed the past few years.. Is it the pressure to be a part of the digital age, because otherwise you’re not participating and missing the trend or is it, because you just can say whatever you want to say without a fear of getting grounded for it? That has to change.

I hate to see people get hurt just because they are being true to themselves. A monster called humans haunts this big benefit we gained through the Internet. We changed our behavior and I am really dreaming about another change. There is no difference between bullies and victims.

We as a society have to start thinking again and stand up for the things that are right. It can’t be done with just sending a Hashtag out there and hoping millions of people will retweet it. A Hashtag is participating for only seconds, starting by yourself to be the change will take years and the impact you have on people will be more powerful than the internet will ever be able to experience.

John Lennon published this song over 40 years ago and still fits into today’s time. There are a lot of dreamers out there for dream of a better world. So let’s get together and start turning this world into a more positive one.