Importance of Music (to me)

I’ve been asked why I listen to music so often; I’ve been asked why I never share my music; I’ve been told that it wouldn’t hurt to take my earbuds out for a moment.

I have my reasons.

Music to me, is a sanctuary and a friend. I turn to it when I feel. It helps me communicate those feelings. The lyrics of a song helps me speak what I feel. It also makes me feel like someone is there for me, always relating, always understanding. Sometimes it’s there to share my emotions with me, sometimes it’s there to perk me up, sometimes it’s there to correct me when I’m wrong.

There’s something else, though.

Other times, when I just dont want to feel, breathe, live, exist, I play my music to drown out the world and to drown out myself. I listen to the song and feel what’s in it, instead of what I am at the time. Similar to reading, similar to writing, music helps me take me away from myself so I won’t be able to hurt myself or hurt anyone else.

Its something special I keep to myself to help myself. If I share music with you, it means it is important.

If anyone ever tells you your lifeline is unimportant, never believe them, because it’s important to you and you alone. They dont exist in the equation. Just tell them to stick a finger up their ass and suck it, because it’s not about them. Everyone deserves a haven, and this is it for me.