Everyday I sit behind a useless screen and everyday I become inspired by someone new, whether it’s through their music, advice, pictures, video or personal story. The people I have come to be inspired by have helped me in my life, even though I haven’t spoken to them or met them, those people have helped me pick a path. These people inspire me everyday to reach for my goals. Everyday I look at things in a different way and that’s because of them, because of some of you. So thank you for this opportunity to become me.
Life is going to get hard but knowing that the ones who have inspired me are by my side with words through a tweet, a text, an ask, a post or just through their music really helps me get through my day, just like they were there in the darkest times.
I’ve come to realize that if I’m inspired by someone to do something then I should take the chances to do what they’ve inspired me to do and I’m gonna do that. The real world is going to eat me alive but it’s worth it. I have everyone I need by my side, physically and mentally. People that I actually know and people I don’t actually know. They’re here.
Every step of the journey I’m going to take is going to be like glass. I’ll try not to break it, I’ll be careful about the new things and very careful about the old things. There are going to be few broken pieces but we’ll get through. It’s just trial and error you could say.
I hope I’ll be able to one day inspire someone, just like the people I’ve been inspired by, inspired me. Thank you to the 15+ people I’ve never met nor spoken to and the 10+ people I’ve meet and spoken to in person or online. You guys are my inspiration.