Is Music A Drug?!

So I had a thought earlier today. What if music was actually a drug and I have an addiction? I didn’t even sleep until after I listened to a few songs because I the strong need to listen to them. Well I looked it up and apparently it is as it releases a chemical called dopamine, which is what gives people pleasure.

No wonder I feel like I have an intense need for music or would die without it and that I was crushed along with my dreams. Music was my life and still is. I have to listen to it while exercising, working on a projects (from sewing to drawing), always creating music videos in my mind, for dancing. It what helps give me inspiration. I would often come up with little lyrics or sound. I was sad when I was rejected after trying out for everything from honor band in high school (I did make back in middle school. I was second chair first flute and that was after less than a learn from when I started to learn how to play the flute. In high school they won’t accept me thoug) to Disney Orchestra (I also tried out back in middle school but was rejected). Heartbroken when I found out I would never be able to go to Juilliard. I was good enough to do some solos and duets for band and choir, even saving one concert; but not good enough. Never good enough.

I feel like I am missing out due to never being able to go to a club to dance since there never been one close by.

It also makes sense why so many people claim that songs and bands helped them through hard times as it probably literally did by boosting their moods thanks to the  dopamine.being released.

Think about it, people tend to form identities and subcultures around music, people always seem happier after listening to a song while feeling down.

Even animals and plants can respond positivity or negativity to music.

Not one day goes by that I don’t at least listen to a few songs.

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