It’s Okay

on this day whatever day it is i would like to say to everyone that it’s ok to be messed up (to quote gerard way) and if you find something or someone that helps you through the tough times, then that’s all you need. personally i have three friends who have saved my life before, i also have music and people like gerard way that i can look up at and not only does he give me hope, but instead of saying that i’m broken and need fixing, he validates me. says it’s ok that i’m not alright, that it’s ok to need help and be too scared. because i’ve found that if you find someone that you can trust then you’ll be ok. eventually. if there is someone in your life to whom you can say “hey i’m not feeling great, can you help me through these next few days” then it can save you. don’t block these people out. you need them. no matter how frustrating they can be at times, at others they can be a difference between life and death. this has happened to me and to one of my friends, both of us have been talked out of suicide by friends and we are both alive ( though admittedly, only just hanging on) so take it from experience, have someone to talk to. also have people that you can find videos or interviews with that inspire you and validate you and tell you that it will be ok and you believe them. it can save you.

yes i know this doesn’t make sense. leave me alone it’s 1:10 in the morning