It’s Only For Now

A year ago or so I was in a terrible place. I was closeted and self deprecating of the fact that I was gay. Top that off my grandmother had died and the environment I was in was toxic. One day I had had enough, so I started writing. Writing the note. While I did that I paused and with my shaky hand I clicked a playlist called, “Showtunes”. I’ve tried to find it today but could not. I was never big into musical theatre, but had recently started liking the Lion King from broadway. It started playing For Now from Avenue Q and I realized, with the help of the message that everything is temporary and will pass someway, it was okay to feel like this but I will feel better somehow. It had opened me to the medium of Musical theatre and has given me community of people who share the similar interest. I’ve started writing my own musical, a story of mentally ill people helping mentally ill people; and I has give me purpose. I’ve stopped being suicidal and I’ve started feeling less depressed. I’m happier somehow and I can tell you that If I hadn’t listened to the Avenue Q song I wouldn’t be here today, a happier and healthier person.