I’ve been on a journey

I have found my way to god a few years ago. But my journey with him has not been perfect. I often forget that I must ask for him to be in my life. That I actually need him. And I need to tell him. Often I forget to thank him for everything he has done for me. This has recently happened to me. I have let so many earthly things cloud my sight of him. And tonight I found out the lead singer of an old favorite band of mine, flyleaf, released an album. Now her music with flyleaf saved my life many times. I had no idea at the time that it was gods way of speaking to me. But looking back at it and how the songs made me feel I see it clearly. Tonight as I stumbled across her solo album I was reminded of how much I need God in my life. And the fact I forgot that is why my life has been chaotic. Why things always feel uneasy. Why I haven’t been to church in months. A journey walking with God is never an easy one. Especially when you were so broken when you began it. But if you reply seek his help and love. It’s a journey that never ends. I lost my hope without being aware I did so. I just told myself I was too busy and had other things to do. But I really lost faith that God would provide everything I tried to provide myself. Tonight survey as a well needed reminder that I’m not alone. And that I need to continue my journey with him. The singer I speak of if you have not already guessed is Lacey Sturm. I really want her to see this. And for her to know how she with the help of God has opened my eyes and saved my life multiple times and continues to help me on my journey. Her story has touched my heart. I remember specifically hear the song red Sam for the first time. That is the song that saved my life because it seemed that every word spoke about my life no why I was going through. And my name being Sam it just stood out. And in my lowest moments I remember that song. And I remember how far I’ve come since that first day hearing it. Lacey has helped save me and bring me closer to God. And her new album helped to remind me that I need to allow his arms to embrace me. Even when I feel I don’t deserve it. So Lacey if you see this. Thank you. God bless you. Because if it wasn’t for finding his love I wouldn’t be here. Just thank you so much and please continue to do what you are doing because you are moving with God and it’s beautiful.