Journal #4

There are only 3. Things that help me escape my world. Number one is music… there is nothing more liberating than music. I couldn’t go a day without it. It’s like a drug. I’ve never done drugs but I imagine it would be like that. Irresistible. Number two is drawing; when I can’t listen to music. Like when I’m bored, hurt, or sad. I’m not always those things sometimes I can be happy… but I spent most my days alone. Mainly because I’m not very social, but I feel if I had more friends I wouldn’t feel so alone and I’d probably be more social. When I’m happy I can’t sit still. And lastly I live to write about. I can’t seem to be able to express myself to anyone. Nobody actually listens. I wish I could tell them “please shut up and listen”. If I do so much as say something they always feel the need to “correct” my feelings. The thing is one cannot understand what someone else is feeling. That why if anyone talks to me I prefer to listen and let them talk until they ask for my opinion. I don’t like to tell someone that I understand, unless it’s directions to complete a task, because I actually don’t understand. And I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone. I just need something to be able to express myself without interruption. That’s why I chose this platform because nobody that I know has an account, but then again I don’t really know that many people.