Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Well, this song is particularly special to me and not just because I have ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart Again’ tattooed on my inner forearm.

Ian Curtis inspired me as a young man and nurtured me through my teens, he taught me that darkness and depression can be beautiful and his untimely death taught me that there are other ways to solve issues which aren’t just suicide, his death is an absolute statement which resonates with me, it keeps my mind on track and works as a statement as to why suicide is the wrong option and why talking should be possible for males suffering in silence.

The term ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ sits with me nicely due to the fact I believe in it, I believe that it’s true- in the end, Love will in fact tear everybody apart but it’s simply a question as to whether you can glue those tears back together and whether you’re prepared to take up patchwork as it’s hard, relationships aren’t supposed to be easy and every relationship which has gone and passed is a nod to the revelation that love will tear us apart and how only the people who can be romantic handymen will be able to hold that love together.

Ian Curtis is an example of somebody who couldn’t hold that love together and instead let his mentality take the wheel and believe me- that’s scary and I’ve sat many an evening as a teenager looking out of the window at 4am wondering whether it would even matter if I left this earth unnanounced but this song always got me through it.

This song is also attached to a particular memory of my past which also serves as evidence that sometimes it isn’t down to one person to hold a relationship together. You can’t fix somebody else’s side unless they let you in and that memory is a direct reminder of that fact.

I believe the song is underrated and overlooked by today’s modern generation due to people thinking the eighties was all hippies and bisexuals when in actuality it was a time of pure lyrics spoken from an artist instead of a record label so yeah, this one’s to you Ian, I hope you’re flying high up there and know that there are some of us out here who understood your pain and understood your route of death but I refuse to condone it and instead look at you as an example of a talent lost too soon.