Interview with Lesson At Its Finest

You always wondered what it sounds like when five boys from southwest Germany come together to play some music? Then you should definitely check out Lessons At Its Finest. The band consists of Joschka (Drums), Seb (Lead-Guitar), Danny (Vocals), Marv (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Pascal (Rhyhtm-Guitar).

With dreams like playing warped tour one day or shows with bands like Stick to Your Guns or Asking Alexandria, they started in the beginning to have some fun and share their passion for hardcore music. They already played shows with Unredd and Drown in Grey and totally liked the experience sharing passion on one stage with other bands. Seb and Joschka were formerly playing music together, but got told that Danny’s a great singer and after getting in contact they started songwriting right away. Marv was actually the vocalist of Sebs old band but he wanted to play bass, so he got in for bass/background vocals. Pascal got in the band as a rhythm guitarist after hearing about it by Marv during a longboard session.

While it is obvious that music of other bands is important to them, Danny underlines that they try to challenge the people with their songs and the need to tell them a story. It’s about finding themselves and creating their own unique sound and not copying other styles or bands.

We had no other chance than asking the guys if they believe in the power of music and if it can safe lifes. And guess what: they really do, even if Pascal adds that it is also the scene behind the music. You meet great people who keep you from drowning, because everyone struggles. They also secretly add that one of their artists they listen to while having a bad day is Katy Perry, pretty hardcore, huh? But also Blink 182, Rage Against The Machine, City & Colour, Stick To Your Guns, The Ghost Inside or Ben Howard.


We can tell you that those guys have all our sympathy and we’re very grateful to call them our partner and see them growing with their music. We can just recommend their song Discovering and as a hint, you can also buy their first T-Shirt in their Web store. Time to support some heart-made music!