Love for Music

Some of you know the extent of my love for music. Music has literally saved my life, not just once, but numerous times. Through the art of songwriting, artists like Andrew McMahon, Stevie Nicks, George Lewis Jr., Tom Petty, Neil Young, and many others have made me feel like even at my lowest lows, that I am not alone. When you are in a dark place and hear a lyric that you feel was made for you only and know at that time that someone else must have been through something similar and survived, it can be life changing.

With that being said, one of my most favorite artists has been Sheila E. This woman not just performs…she puts on a show! This video is by far my most favorite live performance of hers, and in my top 3 of all time. This woman plays the hell out of those drums…she sets off a hi hat with her fucking stiletto for God’s sake! Not to mention, she has a killer voice. You can definitely hear the influence from her mentor Prince in the song, but this woman was far beyond developed by the time he took her under his wing.

In short, Sheila E is a genius and badass, this video is enthralling, and I hope it amazes you as it does me.

Also if any of you ever want a playlist of some of my favorites, I’m always more than happy to share one with you!