Luke Elliot – Interview

If you ask Luke how he would describe himself, he would probably say: “I was always a weird child, I was always getting in trouble in school for writing or reading things that I shouldn’t.” and maybe exactly this makes him so easy to connect to. In August 2017, he released his debut LP “Dressed for the Occasion” and hit the road for his fall tour. Now, we had the chance to ask him some questions and we do no longer wait for you to read what he has to say:

Hi Luke, thank you so much for taking the time to talking to us. The most important question of the day is; how are you?
I’m well, thank you. Just finished recording some new demos this week, so I’ve been busy listening and writing in Harlem.

Before we focus on your brand new LP, do you remember the first memory that is connected to music?
I can’t recall the first memory of recorded music, but I certainly remember my first live performance. My father took my friend and me to see Dave Brubeck at the Princeton University Chapel. He went on with a choir, and I was just enchanted. I felt transformed. He completely took over the audience in that room- no one could take their eyes off him. That connection of music and the church has always stuck with me.

You just released your debut LP in August 2017. How does it feel to get your music published?
I’ve released 2 EP’s up until this record, but this was certainly the first major release. It’s been nice to have more than a small handful of people recognize your work. I’ve been fortunate.

You are called the “greatest sonic storyteller of our time” by the German Rolling Stone Magazine. Do you feel any pressure coming along with your success?
Well, I’m sure they were being hyperbolic. What a thing to say. I do feel pressure actually, but more from myself. I’m grateful that there’s been so much press around these recordings, but the strive to do better lies in my own dissatisfaction, I think. I try not to pay too much attention to outside sources.

The main mission of our website is bringing people together by storytelling and music. We believe that a story to a song that helped someone might be able to help someone else too. Is there a song that helped you during a difficult time and would you mind sharing that story?

There have been many. My life is, in many ways, I’m sure, comprised of the music I was and am currently listening to. I remember a really intense relationship falling to pieces when I was about 22, and I listened to Leonard Cohen’s “Coming Back To You” for about a month straight. My music listening always started and ended with that song, for me at that time. The impact was grave. Songs are like that.

Do you use other artistic expressions next to music and in your opinion, what makes music so unique?
I wish. I seem to be utterly useless artisticly outside of music. I tried to draw a picture of my family when I was 5, and my teacher thought my ineptitude so severe that I should repeat kindergarten.

It seems like on the one side there are people who say: “music saved my life” while on the other, people deny that music itself has the ability to save someone. Would you mind sharing your own opinion on this?
Lots of things can save a life. I’m sure for many people this is a very true statement.

Before we come to an end. Is there anything you would like to say to people who are struggling at the moment?
I always liked the idea that every struggle you have has a purpose. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it helps get me through.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time!

Now all there is left to do is stay in touch with Luke on Facebook, Twitter and of course Spotify!

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