Magic power

I would give up the vice of Alcohol.

I would give up Chocolate.

I would give up red meat, cheese and bacon.

I would give up the blue sky, moon and stars.

Please don’t make me give up music.

Only the caring touch of another would be my breaking point if forced to chose. I cannot hallucinate either.  I crave both. I need both. I cannot live with out either. The music and the touch mean too much. I need them both to live.

The power of music to take me away is beyond words…but still I will try.

Like a junkie who would give their last vein for one more high, so my ears will be sacrificed.

I have lived in torment for far to long.

No more.

Now I live. I’m young. I’m wild. I’m free. I’ve got the magic power of the  music in me.