Martin Luke Brown – Interview

Do you ever feel nostalgia?
Like the kid you used to be is looking down on you
Take a minute, maybe give it just another try

A couple of months ago, we had the honour to interview Martin Luke Brown who you may have heard of already. For us, it was his song “Nostalgia” that was stuck in our hearts and heads. Please read what he had to say below:

Hi Martin, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and Happy New Year! First of all; How are you?
I’m great! Feeling fresh and focused and grounded. All the good things.

Before we focus on what’s to come in 2018 do you remember your first memory that is connected to music?
I remember hearing my sister sing a song from this animated film we used to love called Fievel Goes West and thinking how amazing that something so beautiful was coming out of my own sister’s mouth and not the magical square box in our living room! It made it all seem possible.

You just announced that you plan to run a Marathon in 2018 to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust in memory of your girlfriend Emma. What are other plans of yours?
Yeah that’s a big one. It feels right for a lot of reasons. I’m doing MORE this year. I love photography and writing outside of music – I’m actually planning on writing a book this year and collecting lots of portraits of characterful people. I want to be more politically engaged and generally learn more about everything. I don’t want to be defined as JUST a musician. I want to forever be a student and better myself in as many ways as I can.

You are originally from Leicester, but are based in London. How would you describe the London music scene and do you think the city has an influence on your music?
I’m not sure there is a scene as such in London anymore sadly. There’s the ‘I’ve just moved to London and I’m desperate to make it scene’ but I’ve been there and the gigs are terrible haha! I think the London scene; at least to me, has felt more of a destination as opposed to a place to nurture and hone your performances.

“Nostalgia” is one of our favourite songs of yours; Would you mind telling us the story behind it?
Thanks! Ironically it’s an old one now so I’m looking back at a younger version of me, that was already looking back at a younger version of me. Nostalgia Inception?! It was about growing up really – the excitement of independence and new adventures but the occasional rose tinted glance over my shoulder to what’d been left behind. I think we all get that at times.

The main mission of our website is bringing people together by storytelling and music. We believe that a story to a song that helped someone might be able to help someone else too. Is there a song that helped you during a difficult time and would you mind sharing that story?
For me I tend to indulge in sad songs when I feel sad. So it’s less about a song saving me, but more the comfort that someone else has felt sad or defeated too. There’s something beautiful about that – it’s unifying. I can’t think of one song specifically from the top of my head, but I believe any art with the capacity to bring you to tears is a good thing.

Do you use other artistic expressions next to music and in your opinion, what makes music so unique?
Yeah! Lots. I take photos and write random bits of poetry or ideas/concepts for films or short films. Anything really! I feel like I’ve got a lot to give and sometimes it’s a struggle trying to streamline all the ideas in order to be as productive as possible. That’s why music has always remained the main focus.
+ I think music is unique in the sense that it exists in so many contrasting environments. Anywhere from Hollywood Movie soundtracks to drug-fuelled grotty clubs, to your earphones when you’re on the bus staring out the window. I think music carries people through their lives, consciously and unconsciously and that’s so great.

It seems like on the one side there are people who say: “Music saved my life” while on the other, people deny that music itself has the ability to save someone. Would you mind sharing your own opinion on this?
I would branch further outside of music and say that art has the capacity to save someone. If something strikes a chord with you (pardon the pun), whether that be a lyric, a melody or a painting – those moments make you feel ALIVE. That feeling alone is enough to save someone I think.

Before we come to an end. Is there anything you would like to say to people who are struggling at the moment?
Yes. ‘If you’re going through hell – keep going’. That always sticks with me. Eventually, things will be better. Have faith in that, and just keep on going. It’s amazing how day to day things seem similar, and yet a little way down the line, everything is different. The little steps are big really.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time!
Thank YOU! I hope 2018 is kind to you 🙂

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