Maybe music saved my life

When things just don’t quite add up

And you lay in bed awake at night

Contemplating why you’re here

As if there’s any point to life.

Thoughts go racking through your mind.

People say “it just takes time”

But how much time can my mind take?

It’s overdosed on negative thoughts

They told me how to grow old

A broken heart for me, they never taught

Im sick of being fed up

I lock myself away from love Throwing all my guards up.

As if no one is of any worth.

“I’ll never find another you”

Well that’s my fucking plan I swear.

The love I have or had for you,

I’ll never want again. It’s rare.

My friends, they spent all their time supporting me.

Never left my side, they even had to force feed me.

I get high then throw some good tunes on and sink into my bed.

Then all those thoughts, those feelings i had, just went out my head.

I’d lie and take in every word. Just listening to the artist vent.

I’d listen and relate to them. I knew just what they fucking meant.

I’d listen and feel their pain inside.

And Just when it felt over.

I’d contemplate ending it all.

I’d think of how I’d do it.

I’d think of where I’d make that fall.

The song would go and skip. Pierce my thoughts. without a knife.

Who knows if Id have done it…

Maybe music saved my life….