Mike Ferguson – Interview

As we already said in a previous post, we’d like to introduce you to Mike and his art. While we were searching for new music and inspirations on Tumblr we found his site and fell in love with his music right away. Especially his song “Begin Again” stuck with us. We asked him for allowance to post some of his music on our Social Media Accounts, which he did. He currently studies sound engineering in college while working on his art. His first album “As I Go” is a collection of songs he wrote over the last five years and helped him during his struggles. He shares the same opinion as many other people out there “Over the years, as I performed my songs for a lot of my friends, I began to notice that it was not only healing for myself but also for the people around me because I shared a lot of the same issues with many of them.“

Before we ask Mike a few questions, we’d like to thank him for letting us ask some questions!

Mike, would you mind telling us when you started your Tumblr and why you chose it as platform to post your music and art?

I started using Tumblr six years ago, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I started using it for my own work. I choose to use Tumblr because it is a place that has allowed me to share my work and get a lot of feedback, and because I can support other growing artists on there.

Were you scared of publishing your music and art on Tumblr? Posting things kind of means opening ourselves to others and letting them be a part of it, which sometimes also causes negative aspects.

Yes, definitely. I am still scared to this day, but I try to remind myself that my art is meant to be shared, regardless of what other people think of it. There will always be actively mean people, whether you’re in the real world or on social media, but I (we all) cannot let that prohibit the sharing of art.

Do you have a special routine while writing and producing new music or does it just hit you?

Over the past half decade, I’ve written music comfortably. By this, I mean I would always just wait for the music to come to me, instead of going to it. But I try now to write as frequently as possible, which I believe will eventually be more rewarding.

Besides creating your own music, do you have a favorite band or musician you always come back to?

Throughout middle school, that artist was Regina Spektor. Throughout my first half of high school, it was Sara Bareilles. Throughout the second half, it was Jack Steadman. And now in college, it is all of the aspiring artists around me.

Is there a specific song that helped you through a rough time?

Jack Steadman’s song “Dust On the Ground” has resonated with me ever since I heard it a few years ago! I’ve created my own cover of it, and I play it every so often to feel less alone.

You already told us that writing and producing has helped you with your own struggles. Do you think there is a connection between creativity and mental health?

Yes!!! I believe this so much. Creativity can be the antidote to an array of mental illnesses if harnessed correctly. Thinking creatively will heal you, but acting on those creative thoughts will save you.

While doing some research ourselves we read a lot of comments saying “music/this band has saved my life” do you agree to that or do you think it needs more?

I agree to that because art, music included, has saved my life too. It is very scary to think about, but I don’t think I would be here if I stopped creating art or if I stopped experiencing other people’s. I used to think it was shallow, that I had a relationship with an abstract thing, but it isn’t the art that has saved me; it is the people behind it. Art is just our medium for communicating, our way of saying to each other, “I love you. Please stay alive.”

Is there a message you’d like to share with those struggling right now?

Yes: Many people will try to fight through their problems by ignoring what they need, but don’t be that person. Be the person that takes the time to heal, the time to love yourself again, to forgive yourself for having arrived where you are. It’s a lot, but it’s worth it in the long run, and I am holding your hand through it all.


We hope you loved this interview as much as we do! We would like to encourage you to check out Mike’s music and listen to it closely. You can follow him on TumblrFacebook and most importantly Soundcloud.