Most creative people

Alright, so, twenty one pilots. Let’s talk about them for a moment. These guys are the most creative people I’ve ever gotten the chance to stumble across. These guys are the most caring individuals who have ever walked on the surface of the earth. I cried watching this, seeing how far they’ve come, imagine if Tyler did give up when he was 18, what if he did? So many people would be dead, I would be dead. These guys save lives, give hope, bring happiness, but also evoke feeling, bring thoughts. They truly care. I met my girlfriend through twenty one pilots, and I would consider myself to finally be happy. While I do still struggle with depression, twenty one pilots is helping me ride through it.

Thank you twenty one pilots.

Thank you for creating music.

Thank you for saving lives.

Thank you for making friends.

Thank you.

Stay alive, everyone, know that somebody is out there to help you, whether it be someone you’ve never met or some person off the street, someone will help you. |-/