Music is such a powerful thing. I don’t mean music like what’s on the radio or what you listen to on a CD on the way to a singer’s/band’s concert. I mean music that doesn’t have lyrics. Yes, those things before are art too, but listening to classical music or instrumental music is honestly (in my opinion) is so much better. It moves people, and makes you feel emotions you never thought you had. I have John Williams on repeat, and honestly it’s so great. You can tell when there is tension, and what would be a battle or duel, and when the tension is released. You can tell when the bad guy walks in the room or when the hero comes on screen without having to watch anything. Music can save lives. It definitely has helped me through everything I’ve been through in life. It’s helped me through high school when I thought I didn’t want to do anything anymore. It’s helped me through my first semester of college and well into my second when I’ve thought multiple times of giving up. Multiple times of “I don’t want to do this anymore.” Music is living and breathing, and hopefully it never dies. I will always be an advocate for music education. No matter where I am in my life. High school bands shouldn’t have to be worried about being taken out of school. They shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than the next rehearsal or the next concert. Probably one of my favorite pieces of music, if not my favorite, Green Bushes by Percy Grainger, is a prime example of fast things can fall apart if you aren’t watching or listening to the things going on around you. Music education is falling apart around everyone because people think “it’s not important anymore.” I’ve first hand experience of people who wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for music. People who have been my friends since middle school that have almost ended their lives multiple times but because of music, they didn’t. So, don’t let anyone tell you music education isn’t important or “worth” it, because it is.